Early Career Researcher receives Foreign Commonwealth Office and UK Science and Innovation Network Travel Award

Early Career Researcher, Dr Kerry Abrams, attends Radiation Effects in Advanced Nuclear Materials workshop, Tennessee, thanks to a grant award from the Foreign Commonwealth Office and UK Science and Innovation Network.

Nominated by Professor Karl Whittle, University of Liverpool, Dr Abrams received the grant through her research with Professor Neil Hyatt, Head of the Department of Materials Science and Engineering.

The workshop, held at Oak Ridge National Laboratory from the 30 September – 2 October, was organised by Senior Reactor Design and Analysis Engineer, Andrew Worrall. With the aim to encourage collaborations between US and UK researchers in the field of nuclear materials.

Oakridge Workshop 2015

With talks from Industry, academia on both sides of the ocean were able to discuss the role of materials and how our research underpins the future of many challenges. The field of nuclear materials faces a challenging time ahead with strict research budgets, thus collaborative research becoming more prominent.


Dr Kerry AbramsFurther information

Dr Abrams current research, a collaboration between US and UK, looks at the use of binary and ternary carbide coatings on fuel cladding. The aim being to produce a corrosion resistant ceramic coating which enhances the performance in the very extreme environment found around the fuel core and, additionally, will enhance the safety during accident conditions. Furthermore, working with UK collaborators to interrogate the new materials response to irradiation damage, the successes of the project will be used to develop techniques for future reactor technologies, making for safer, more efficient nuclear power stations.

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