UK solid state battery company confirms membership of the Centre for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics

Center for Dielectrics and Piezoelectric logoA contract was signed last week that confirmed Ilika Technologies Ltd, Southampton-based solid state battery pioneer, as the latest member of the Centre for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics (CDP). This agreement has come following discussions with The Department of Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield, who themselves are Affiliate partners of the CDP.

As a result of this, Ilika will be able to influence the direction of research activities carried out by scientists at the University, as well as access other research outcomes from the broader CDP.

Ilika has developed ground-breaking solid state battery technology which is non-flammable, energy dense, rapidly charging and has an extended lifespan relative to traditional lithium-ion batteries. Ilika has defined a product roadmap which starts with miniature batteries for wireless sensors and has recently been extended to cover large format cells for automotive applications.

Ilika is the first company to become a member of CDP via the University of Sheffield, which aims to recruit up to ten new CDP members who, like Ilika, will get the opportunity to vote for, and provide direction to, research projects that directly reflect their needs and those of potential end-users of the resulting technologies. Members could find themselves collaborating with more than 25 global companies on research projects based on common needs.

Graeme Purdy, CEO at Ilika, commented, 'We have a keen interest in the processes and materials being developed by the Centre for Dielectrics and Piezoelectrics. This agreement will allow a closer working relationship with Professor Ian Reaney's team at the University of Sheffield, and give us access to pioneering research from Sheffield, Pennsylvania State and North Carolina State universities".

CDP is a joint collaboration between North Carolina State University (NCSU) and The Pennsylvania State University (PSU) and is supported by the National Science Foundation and CDP members.

For more information about how UK and European companies can become involved with CDP, contact Neil Lowrie at the Department of Materials Science and Engineering: