International Symposium for Engineering Education 2016

The International Symposium on Engineering Education was held 14 - 15th July at the new £81 million teaching facility, The Diamond. 

Dr Plato Kapranos, organising chairman, formally opened by the event with Professor Stephen Beck, Head of Multidisciplinary Engineering Education and Director of The Diamond, discussing the University's vision for creating the largest ever investment in learning and teaching; to create modern, interdisciplinary teaching.

The symposium brought together educationalists, engineers, practitioners, industrialists, and students to discuss interdisciplinary engineering; the past, present and future.

Mercury Centre 3D printed awardKeynote speakers included:

  • Dr Colin Jones, Queensland University of Technology, who discussed ‘Enterprise education: outside classrooms, inside students’ hearts’
  • Professor Goodhew, University of Liverpool, gave a talk on ‘Engineering with a human face’ which included thoughts on the future of education in the post Brexit era
  • Professor Penaluna, University of Wales, discussed ‘Through the lenses of the two I’s; Implement or Innovate’,
  • Marianne Talbot, Oxford University philosopher, discussed ‘Why is ethics relevant to engineering’
  • Professor Jarka Glassey, Newcastle University, presented ‘Efficiency of teaching core knowledge and employability competencies in engineering education’
  • Dr Martin Pitt, University of Sheffield, asked ‘Why go to University?’
  • Dr Phil Harper, Director of Tribosonics Ltd. and a University of Sheffield graduate, discussed ‘Meeting the new needs of engineering businesses in a changing world’

All keynote and invited speakers received a 3D printed titanium gift, made from high strength titanium alloy and produced in the Department's Mercury Centre.

I really enjoyed the symposium. I am never ready for just how much thinking has become aligned by the enterprise agenda… even if people don’t use the word, the direction of travel can clearly be seen.

The engineering mindset and the ethical discussions caught my imagination the most. And the unique gift is rather special, it will be on my display shelf in work I can assure you.

Professor Andy Penaluna / University of Wales

It was a particular pleasure for me as an individual to organize and run this conference for the simple reason that Sheffield has been my home for 28 years, my kids have grown up here, I am proud to say that I appear in the book ‘Steel City Scholars’ and being a recipient of a Centenary medal from the University for my services; so my roots here are deep and I feel that this is one more way for me to say thank you to this special city.

We have succeeded in establishing the University as the focus of Engineering excellence, proud to proclaim that the city of Sheffield, steeped in engineering and educational tradition, is forward looking and in the forefront setting the road map for Engineering Education in the 21st century.