Staff recognised as dedicated outstanding mentors

Dr Russell Goodall and Dr Chris Holland have been recognised as outstanding mentors in the university-wide Researcher Mentoring Programme.

Dr Russell GoodallDr Chris Holland

Volunteering their time to the programme, both academic staff support research associates, assistants, and fellows in the Department, over a 6-month period. They help early career researchers to take control of their career through established mentoring and coaching techniques.

The Researcher Mentoring Programme, designed and developed by Dr Kay Guccione, provides coaching and mentoring training to academic staff, to equip them with the right skills and knowledge to become a mentor. The programme not only supports the research mentees but also helps to develop the mentor’s capacity as a supervisor, line manager and colleague.

As a way of understanding the impact of the programme, Dr Kay Guccione collates feedback from outgoing mentees in regards to their mentor; if they were able to make a 'significant transition in knowledge, work, or thinking’.

I was very comfortable around my mentor. He gave me valuable advice and information on choosing an academic career. He helped me to realise what was lacking on my CV and also helped me to address those issues. As a result I applied for two funding schemes one of which was successful. He also encouraged me to give a seminar in another institute which is now arranged for the near future. These activities certainly improved my CV, thank you.


My mentor gave useful suggestions in shaping up my work patterns in a disciplined and systematic manner. He was generous in showing me new resources within and outside the university for fellowship opportunities and funding bodies. He has pointed out strong and weak points in my CV and guided me to other resources in proposal writing.


Sustained commitment to mentoring

The Department has been able to sustain its committed to mentoring thanks to the achievements of our dedicated staff; Dr Chris Holland has been a programme mentor for the last 3 years, continually recognised for his outstanding mentoring skills, whilst Dr Russell Goodall and Professor John Provis took part in 2014, both recognised as outstanding mentors.