Staff recognised as dedicated outstanding mentors

Prof John ProvisDr Nicola MorleyDr Gwen Reilly

Professor John Provis, Dr Nicola Morley and Dr Gwen Reilly have been recognised as outstanding mentors in the university-wide Researcher Mentoring Programme.

Volunteering their time to the programme, all three academic staff support research associates, assistants, and fellows in the Department, over a 6-month period. They help early career researchers to 

take control of their career through established mentoring and coaching techniques.

The Researcher Mentoring Programme, designed and developed by Dr Kay Guccione, provides coaching and mentoring training to over 150+ academic staff, to equip them with the right skills and knowledge to become a mentor. The programme not only supports the research mentees, in taking control of their careers, but also helps to develop the mentor’s capacity as a supervisor, line manager and colleague.

Evaluation of the programme shows that mentoring helps:

  • to have dedicated time to focus on your professional development and career plan
  • to understand the options for your next move and make active choices
  • to find new ways to build constructive working relationships and be listened to, improving your confidence and motivation
  • to raise your profile in academia or in a new field

As a way of understanding the impact of the programme, Dr Kay Guccione collates feedback from outgoing mentees in regards to their mentor; if they were able to make a 'significant transition in knowledge, work, or thinking’. All three materials staff were recognised for their mentoring skills, expertise and good citizenship.

Professor Provis' Feedback

"Conversations with John have always been informative and relaxed. After each meeting I felt I have a plan, and I really did. We managed to speak about academic life in a way that made me feel part of it and able to make fun of it while fighting to escalate the career ladder."

Dr Morley's Feedback

"Thanks to the mentoring program I feel much more motivated at work and I see solutions to issues easier than before. Also, my mentor is very empathetic so that helps me to feel more confident and I see more alternatives and ways to develop. She is also very inspiring, as she manages to grow in her career but also she keeps a personal life balance, so actually meeting someone with similar thoughts is really encouraging."

Dr Reilly's Feedback

"I needed to talk about alternative options to a fellowship in case I did not get mine and my mentor introduced me to the world of lectureship. This reduced the amount of stress I was under always thinking that taking the fellowship route was the only choice. And it also showed me that becoming a lecturer has many rewarding sides to it that being on a fellowship would not provide such as teaching. This has made a real difference to me and my view of the academic world."

Sustained commitment to mentoring

The Department has been able to sustain its committed to mentoring thanks to the achievements of our dedicated staff. Previously Dr Chris Holland, Dr Russell Goodall and Dr Nik Reeves-McLaren have been recognised for their outstanding mentoring skills.