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Dr Clare Thorpe to present at Researchers’ Night

On Friday 30th September our doors open to the public to showcase the latest world-leading research undertaken here at the University of Sheffield.

An evening of engaging exhibitions, talks and hands on activities, Researchers' Night is open to secondary school students, sixth formers and adults. Based in Firth Court, the event is an opportunity for the public to gain a better understanding of the work we do and the impact it has on society.

Dr Clare Thorpe will be running a hands-on exhibition stand, entitled "How radioactive are you?", to educate the public as to how radiation is part of everyday life. Visitors will be taken on a tour of radioactivity across the globe, striping away the fear to learn how radiation is both friend and foe to the human race.

Activities will include:

  • Testing your radioactive knowledge against a Geiger counter; can you guess how radioactive everyday items such as fruit, bread, milk and salt are?
  • Discussion of why certain items deliver a radiation dose, and how harmful that dose is

For further details, visit: Researchers' Night

Further information

Part of the NucleUS Immobilisation Science Laboratory, Dr Clare Thorpe is currently working on a US Department of Energy sponsored project: GLAD (Glass Leaching Assessment for Disposability), assessing the durability of glasses for the disposal of low level radioactive waste in the proposed Immobilised Low Activity Waste (ILAW) facility at Hanford, US.