Dr Nik Reeves-McLaren recognised as outstanding thesis mentor

Dr Nik Reeves-McLaren has been recognised as an outstanding thesis mentor in the the university-wide Thesis Mentoring Programme.

Dr Nik Reeves-McLaren

Volunteering his time to the programme, Dr Reeves-McLaren, a trained and experienced researcher, was paired with a postdoctoral researcher for a period of four months. In this time he was able to help the mentee explore their situation, identify strengths and resources, and navigate their own way forward with their thesis. 

Thesis Mentoring is part of the Research and Innovation Services Researcher Portal which provides a suite of mentoring programmes to help coach and mentor research staff and research students. The programme not only supports the research mentees but also helps to develop the mentor’s capacity as a supervisor, line manager and colleague.

As a way of understanding the impact of the programme, outgoing mentees provide feedback in regards to their mentor; if they were able to make a 'significant transition in knowledge, work, or thinking’.

I found Nik's support and guidance throughout the thesis mentoring process absolutely invaluable. He was willing to listen to the issues I was having and give constructive advice based on his own experiences while asking pertinent questions about the writing process. This ensured my progress wasn't falling behind and I wasn't missing anything important. Nik also encouraged me to take steps to help me monitor my own progress, which proved extremely useful. I was also extremely grateful for his honesty when reflecting on my progress. Nik also encouraged me throughout and gave me belief that I could get the thesis completed on time!


Sustained commitment to mentoring

The Department has been able to sustain its committed to mentoring thanks to the achievements of our dedicated staff; Dr Chris Holland, Dr Russell Goodall and Professor John Provis have been continually recognised for their outstanding mentoring skills over the last 3 years.