You don't need to have studied Engineering to begin a career as a professional engineer.

With industry recognising graduates from physics, chemistry and other related disciplines having transferable skills and experience for a career in engineering, we have developed a new course to support and further enhance these skills to equip you with all the technical and personal qualities necessary to become a professional engineer.

Our MSc(Eng) Advanced Materials Manufacturing course has been designed to allow you to utilise your existing skills to develop new ones, and transition to a career in engineering.

Do you have a physics background with skills in solid state physics and properties of matter, problem-solving and theoretical analysis?

You could be developing new materials for aerospace to create, faster more efficient air travel.

Do you have a chemistry background with skills in solid state chemistry, crystallography and polymer synthesis, data analysis and problem-solving?

You could be designing new processes for producing specialist materials for the nuclear industry.

As an Engineering graduate you will be well placed to pursue a career in a variety of engineering sectors, with a number of our students having gone on to work for companies such as Rolls-Royce and Morgan Advanced Materials.

If this appeals to you, then take the next steps towards a career in engineering today. Discover more