Dr Aris Quintana Nedelcos


Department of Materials Science and Engineering

University Teacher in Functional Materials

Dr Aris Quintana Nedelcos

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Dr Aris Quintana Nedelcos
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Sir Robert Hadfield Building
Mappin Street
S1 3JD

Aris Quintana Nedelcos joined the University of Sheffield in 2016 as a Visiting Academic after being awarded a Newton Fund Grant and has since been promoted to University Teacher in Functional Materials.

His previous experience includes holding Lecturer positions at Marmara University (Turkey) and The Havana University of Technology (Cuba).

Research interests

Aris's latest research interest focuses on the effects of the structure, microstructure, composition and thermal annealing on different physical properties of some intermetallic alloys obtained by diverse methods.

He is particularly motivated in the study of advanced materials with correlated properties (i.e. microstructure influence on phase transition and magneto-structural properties; ferromagnetic and ferroelastic coupling, etc).


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Teaching interests

Aris is interested in developing attractive teaching methodologies to engage students with science. He approaches students as equals who have yet to learn new information. He is an advocate of the integral education, in which the so-called soft-skills should be developed alongside the technical-knowledge.