Alice Hann

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Research Associate

Full contact details

Alice Hann
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
North Campus
Broad Lane
S3 7HQ

Alice is a PhD student in the Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering Group and the INSIGNEO Institute at The University of Sheffield.

She completed her masters in Bioengineering from The University of Sheffield in 2019, and then continued on to do her PhD under supervision of her masters dissertation supervisor, Professor Gwen Reilly.

Research interests

Alice’s interests focus on the development of biomaterials for use in in vitro testing. She is currently working on an in vitro bi-layer model of the osteochondral interface, using techniques such as emulsion templating and electrospinning.

She is also very passionate about animal rights and reducing the reliance of animals and animal-derived products in research, and so her PhD also focuses heavily on the use of xeno-free cell culture techniques.