Dr Carl Magnus

Department of Materials Science and Engineering

Henry Royce Institute Research Associate - Metalloceramics, Surface Characterisation & Tribology

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Dr Carl Magnus
Department of Materials Science and Engineering
Royce Discovery Centre
5 Portobello Street
S1 4ND

Dr. Carl Magnus has completed a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Physics and a double Master’s degrees in Material Science and Engineering and Mechanical Engineering. His PhD research focused on Spark Plasma Sintering (SPS) synthesis and tribological behaviour of metalloceramics (MAX phases and associated MAX phase composites) and TiC-particulate/SiC-matrix ceramic composite. His current research, being carried out through Royce at the University of Sheffield facilities, focuses on the development of ceramics, metalloceramics, and metal-ceramic particulate composites for tribological applications. This involves the understanding of the development of microstructure using high spatial resolution surface examinations such as scanning/transmission electron microscopy, focussed ion-beam, atomic force microscopy, and nano-indentation.


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