Cement and Concrete Science Conference 2017

Cements@Sheffield researchers attend the UK's leading cement and concrete science conference


The Cement and Concrete Science Conference (CCSC) is the leading UK conference on cementitious materials and is organised by the IOM3 Cementitious Materials Group. The 37th CCSC took place on the 11th and 12th of September 2017. It was hosted by the Advanced & Innovative Materials Group at University College London.

Of the two hundred delegates that attended, eight were from the University of Sheffield (UoS). One hundred and fifty papers were presented at the 37th CCSC; ten of which were presented by the cements@sheffield team. The conference allowed the attending academic and industrial scholars and practitioners to meet and discuss their research topics which included: cement manufacture and hydration, concrete durability and sustainability, nuclear waste immobilization, and low carbon technologies.

The participants from UoS included research associates, technicians, and PhD and MSc students. The conference included a dinner banquet on a cruise boat which sailed along the Thames river allowing the delegates to appreciate the London “madness” at night. Here is what some of the UoS participants had to say about the event:

Theodore Hanein (Research Associate)
"I truly enjoyed the meeting as I do every year; not only is it a great learning and networking environment, but it also gives you a chance to meet up with old friends and colleagues."

Kai Wuen Ooi (MSc student)
“At first I was rather hesitant to attend this conference with my poster, but I am glad I did. This has been a wonderful experience as it has expanded both my knowledge and social circle at the same time.”

Daniel Geddes (PhD student)
"It was great to meet some really influential people within the cement field, as well as listen to some brilliant presentations on a wide variety of topics. It was a great conference!"

Angel Munoz-Gomez (Research Associate)
"I really enjoyed the conference. It was the first time I have attended a huge conference like this one. The experience for me was fantastic, giving me the opportunity of attending so many interesting presentations about many interesting topics, very useful for my research development. In addition, I could meet nice people and learn and discuss about the cement world"

Brant Walkley (Research Associate)
"The CCS conferences are always really enjoyable, and the quality of research discussed and opportunity to engage with so many leading researchers, colleagues and friends was fantastic."