Our People

Cements@Sheffield is a multidisciplinary team comprised of researchers from many backgrounds. Led by Professor John L. Provis, our group comprises four academic staff and a further twenty research staff and students.

Cements Team

Group Leader

John L. Provis, Professor of Cement Materials Science and Engineering


Dr Claire L. Corkhill
Dr Hajime Kinoshita

Research Associates

Dr Theodore Hanein
Dr Brant Walkley

Doctoral Students

Chun Woo - Separation and recovery of materials for sustainable decarbonisation of limestone.
Marco Simoni - Alternative low CO2 emissions limestone decarbonisation at room temperature by reaction with NaOH solution.
Han Zhao - Sustainable application of cement and concrete by using alternative magnesium binders.
Laura Stefanini - Design of alkali-activated materials with maximised recycled content.
Dan Geddes - Understanding the chemical and physical properties of geopolymer cements for nuclear waste immobilisation.
Sarah Kearney - Investigating the effects of radiation on blended cement grouts used for nuclear waste encapsulation.
Aldo Sosa - Electrochemical characterisation of cement hydration and properties.
Rita Vasconcelos - Understanding interactions between groundwater and cementitious materials for radioactive waste immobilisation.
Antonia Yorkshire - Understanding radionuclide interactions with cementitious materials for radioactive waste management.


James Vigor - Moisture movement in cemented wasteforms.
Ashleigh Thompson - Steel corrosion in molten salts.
Colleen Mann - Glass-cement interactions in nuclear waste disposal.
Shishir Mundra - Corrosion of steel-reinforced alkali-activated concretes.
Dale Prentice - Thermodynamic modelling of blended cements used for nuclear waste encapsulation.
Rebecca Sanderson - Optimising blends of blast furnace slag for the immobilisation of nuclear waste.

Previous Visiting Researchers

Lei Wang (Hong Kong Polytechnic University)
Juho Yliniemi (University of Oulu, Finland)

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