Research centres and facilities

The Department of Materials Science and Engineering is home to several successful research centres with outstanding facilities at its disposal. The centres bring together research on common themes, providing a focus for research innovation and collaboration with researchers from different departments within the University of Sheffield, forming a critical mass of expertise. 

Sheffield Biomaterials and Bioengineering logoCentre for Biomaterials and Bioengineering

Fostering multidisciplinary interactions, it brings scientists, engineers and clinicians together within the broad areas of research expertise. Website

Centre for Cement and ConcreteCentre for Cement and Concrete

The largest concrete academic research centre in the UK. Website

Centre for Glass Research

Its expertise spans from advice on legal liability to specific aspects of glass behavior, including manufacturing of specimens or property design. Read more.

Functional Materials and DevicesFunctional Materials and Devices (FMD)

Focused on development of functional materials and devices such as antennas, energy storage devices, multicomponent sensors and smart materials. Blog

Nuclear Immobilisation Science LaboratoryImmobilisation Science Laboratory

A University Research Alliance set-up by BNFL to address the decline in the nuclear science knowledge base. Read more.

MAPP Advanced Powder ProcessesMAPP: Manufacture using Advanced Powder Processes

MAPP develops new powder-based manufacturing processes that provide low energy, low cost and low waste manufacturing routes and products for UK industry.

MidasMidas facility

Established to provide academic, public and private sector organisations with access to state of the art equipment to support world leading research in the management and disposal of radioactive wastes from the nuclear fuel cycle. Website

Polymer CentrePolymer Centre

A world-class network of research groups, covering polymer science and technology in the sciences, engineering, medicine, social sciences and humanities. Website

Research Centre in Surface Engineering (RCSE)Research Centre for Surface Engineering

Applying an understanding of the principles of tribology to industrial friction, lubrication and wear problems. Website

Sheffield Centre for Advanced Magnetic Materials and Devices

Sheffield Centre for Advanced Magnetic Materials and Devices

The centre investigates fabrication, application and basic understanding of magnetic materials. Website

Sheffield NanoLab

Sheffield NanoLAB

A research centre for nanomaterials, nanometrology, nanomography and nanomanipulation, carrying out research in in-situ microscopy, tomography and dopant contrast. Website

Sorby Centre for Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis

Sorby Centre for Electron Microscopy and Microanalysis

The centre applies advanced transmission and scanning electron microscopy to investigate the microstructure and chemistry of materials. The Sorby Centre is pleased to under take microanalysis for external customers to any standard required allowing complete structural and microstructural characterisation of materials from the micro to the nanoscale. Read more.

Sheffield Titanium Alloy Research

STAR: Sheffield Titanium Alloy Research

A group of academic staff and students studying the thermomechanical processing of titanium alloys and speciality steels. Website

Thermomechanical Compression Machine

Advanced Metals Processing

Machines designed and built to simulate metal forming processes.

CharacterisationCharacterisation Small Research Facility (SRF)

The Characterisation SRF specialises in thermal analysis, particle characterisation and molecular spectroscopy. The facility is able to offer a bespoke service to external customers. Read more.

The Quarrell Laboratory

Used for teaching and research in casting and rolling, equipment is now focused towards heat treatment and advanced, small scale manufacture of glass and metals.

X-Ray Diffraction LaboratoryXRD Research Facility

As one of the UK’s leading diffraction-based research facilities, we specialise in advanced characterisation of a wide array of solid state materials, including ceramics, cements, refractories, metals and glasses. The XRD Research Facility also offers a range of bespoke consultancy services to both university and industrial partners. Read more.