MIDAS facility

A UK research capability in Materials for Innovative Disposition from Advanced Separations

MIDAS is a national user facility, established to provide academic, public and private sector organisations with access to state of the art equipment to support world leading research in the management and disposal of radioactive wastes from the nuclear fuel cycle.

The University of Sheffield established the MIDAS facility, in partnership with the Department of Energy and Climate Change. MIDAS is operated by the Department of Materials Science & Engineering, which has received international recognition for the excellence and impact of its research in civil nuclear energy.

Access to the MIDAS Facility is open to academic, public and private sector organisations and is facilitated by an experienced team of researchers who can provide advice and guidance on utilising facility equipment to meet your research needs. 

The facility provides a gateway to access a suite of state of the art equipment for working with radioactive inventories in the processing and characterisation of materials with application in nuclear waste management and disposal. Accommodated within our new nuclear materials laboratories, established with investment of £2M from the University of Sheffield, the MIDAS Facility provides space to accommodate around 40 personnel, in a high quality research, training and office environment. 

The MIDAS Facility is therefore a unique research capability, providing hands on user access to state of the art equipment and instrumentation, utilising medium scale radioactive inventories, enabling the UK to deliver internationally competitive R&D.

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