Nanomaterials and Nanoengineering

The understanding of nanoscale materials and device performance is at the centre of our activities, bridging the fields of advanced characteristaion, sub-nm microscopy, nanomanipulation, and atomistic modelling. Many new nanotechnology research fields require a high degree of precision in imaging, manipulating, and modelling of materials down to ultimately the atomic level. The Sheffield NanoLAB and Modelling centres undertake developments of new methods and applications across a wide range of materials fields, including nanocomposites, ceramics, semiconductors, metals and biomaterials.

Contact and personal webpages

  • Professor John Harding, Professor of Materials Simulation, has interests in the simulation of interfaces and thin films.
  • Professor Beverley Inkson, Reader in Nanostructured Materials, has interests in the nanomanipulation, mechanical properties and tribology of nanomaterials.
  • Professor Dan Allwood, Reader in Materials Physics has interests of magnetic thin films.
  • Dr Günter Möbus, Reader in Electron Microscopy and Materials Science, has interests in advanced characterization, manipulation and patterning of materials on the nanoscale.
  • Dr Conny Rodenburg, Lecturer of Materials Science and Engineering has interests in the use of electrons and ions for the characterisation and modification of micro-and nanostructured materials.


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