Solid Solubilities

Graphic showing the solubility of elements in each otherElements from the periodic table mix with other elements to differing degrees to form compounds or mixtures. Over the decades, research has been done into the levels of miscibility one element has in another.

As part of his research on the NoStraDAMUS project, Dr Russell Goodall has spent some time compiling data from hundreds of sources and developing a database of solid solubilities of the first 83 elements in the periodic table. This data has been published as Data in Brief.

The chart here shows these elements, by period, and how well they mix with each other. By clicking on, or hovering over the different elements, you can see how well different elements are dissolved into that element.

The red lines show where there is low solubility (less than 2 atomic %), the green lines show where there is moderate solubility (2-15 atomic %) and the blue lines show where there is high solubility (greater than 15 atomic %). Where there is no line, either there is no solubility, or there is no data available.