Stem Cells

Stem cell research at Sheffield includes directing adult-derived cell properties towards bone, nerve, tendon and cartilage cells and includes bioreactor scale-up approaches for therapeutic applications. Considerable excitement and potential surrounds stem cells as they can be grown and transformed into specialized cells such as muscle, bone or nerve by routine cell culture. It is therefore thought that stem cell therapy might be able to dramatically change how we treat human disease.

Contact and personal webpages

  • Professor Sheila MacNeil, Professor of Tissue Engineering, focuses on the engineering of skin and epithelial tissues.
  • Professor John Haycock, Professor of Bioengineering, focuses on peripheral nerve and skin engineering and inflammatory responses.
  • Professor John Harding, Professor of Materials Simulation, uses atomic scale computer simulation to understand how molecules can control mineral growth and influence properties.
  • Dr Frederik Claeyssens, Senior Lecturer in Biomaterials, has research expertise which focuses mainly on laser processing of biomaterials, and its applications.
  • Dr Gwen Reilly, Senior Lecturer in Tissue Engineering, has expertise in the mechanical conditioning of musculoskeletal tissues and adult stem cell differentiation.
  • Dr Chris Holland is an EPSRC Early Career Fellow who uses silk as a model system to better understand processing of naturally sourced materials into controlled structures. His expertise lies within the areas of evolutionary biology and thermomechanical and spectroscopic analysis of polymers.
  • Dr Vanessa Hearnden is a Lecturer in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering, whose research focuses on tissue engineering as a tool to both understand the fundamentals of disease processes and to develop novel diagnostic and treatment strategies.
  • Dr Nicola Green is a Research Fellow in Materials Science and Engineering whose research focuses on tissue engineering of soft tissues, with particular emphasis upon the oeosphagus.