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A key aim of SUBST is to take functional ceramics and develop the geometries required for devices. Our tape-casting and screen-printing facilities allow us to multilayer a wide range of ceramics to enhance the effective functional property. SUBST will utilise this capability on projects for the development of thermoelectric generators, multilayer actuators and multilayer ceramic capacitors.

The example below is from a recent study where a high temperature piezoceramic, developed at Sheffield, was multilayered to create a working prototype.

Device fabrication

A low magnification image of the multilayer actuator prototype. Electrodes positioned on top and bottom of the device connect to the internal electrode layers.

High TC piezoelectric multilayer actuators

Scanning electrode micrograph of the internal electrode piezoceramic interface, revealing the grain and domain structure of the ferroelectric.

Device fabrication

An optical image of the internal electrode ceramic layers in the prototype actuator.