RILEM Logo74th RILEM Annual Week


40th Cement and Concrete Science Conference

31 August - 4 September 2020
The Diamond, University of Sheffield


We cordially invite you to join us for the 74th RILEM Annual Week, incorporating the 40th Cement and Concrete Science Conference. This event will be hosted by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The University of Sheffield, from 30 August – 4 September 2020, in the new University of Sheffield Engineering teaching building, “The Diamond”.

Key conference topics include:

  • Chemistry, materials science, and engineering characteristics of cements and concretes
  • Performance of materials and structures in traditional and innovative applications
  • Testing and characterisation of construction and infrastructure materials
  • Environmental and sustainability assessment of construction materials, systems, and structures


RILEM Week is the annual meeting of the standing committees of RILEM. Such meetings occur every year in conjunction with a major international conference. The recent RILEM weeks were held in Nanjing (2019), Delft (2018), Chennai (2017), Copenhagen (2016), Melbourne (2015), and São Paulo (2014).

The conference will also include a commemoration of 100 years of cement and concrete science at the University of Sheffield, since the appointment of Professor Cecil H. Desch in 1919. We are very pleased to use the occasion of this conference to celebrate the long and illustrious history of Sheffield achievements in this field.

We invite presentations across the full scope of RILEM (International Union of Laboratories and Experts in Construction Materials, Systems and Structures, and its technical committees. RILEM activities span research into construction materials, structures and systems including cements, concretes, masonry, bituminous materials, timber, as well as structural design and construction systems. We welcome submissions related to the application of these materials in end-uses including (but not limited to) infrastructure, environmental remediation, waste valorisation, and waste immobilisation (hazardous and/or radioactive).

Call for abstracts

Abstracts (up to 200 words) are now being accepted for both oral and poster presentations; these should be submitted by email:
The deadline for submission of abstracts is 21 February 2020.

Extended abstracts will be invited for oral and poster presentations in the main C&CS conference, prepared according to a template which will be provided on the conference website, with a submission deadline of 31 May 2020.

Sponsorship opportunities

Opportunities are available for interested parties to sponsor different aspects of the conference, including: exhibition stalls, proceedings and handout material, conference sessions, conference dinner, welcome reception, lunches, coffee breaks, and student presentation/poster prizes.

Conference organiser: Professor John Provis
Telephone: +44 (0) 114 222 5490

This event is organised by the Department of Materials Science and Engineering, The University of Sheffield and the Cementitious Materials Group of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, with support from RILEM and the Institute of Concrete Technology.

Sponsors of the RILEM conference