Academic staff

Professor Neil HyattHead of Department

Professor Neil Hyatt

Interest: nuclear materials chemistry

Name Interests Email
Allwood, Professor D Materials physics
Boston, Dr R Functional Ceramics
Chen, Dr B Polymers and Nanocomposites
Claeyssens, Dr F Biomaterials
Corkhill, Dr C Vice Chancellor’s Research Fellow
Dean, Dr J Simulation of functional materials
Foreman, Dr J Polymers and Polymer Composites
Freeman, Dr C Materials Simulation
Gandy, Dr A Nuclear Engineering
Goodall, Dr R Metallurgy
Hand, Professor R J Glass Science and Engineering
Harding, Professor J Materials Simulation
Haycock, Professor J W Cell & Tissue Engineering
Hayes, Dr S A Aerospace Materials and Engineering
Hayward, Dr T J EPSRC Career Acceleration Research Fellow
Hearnden, Dr V Lecturer in Biomaterials and Tissue Engineering
Holland, Dr C Biomaterials
Inkson, Professor B J Nanostructured Materials
Jackson, Dr M Materials Processing
Kapranos, Dr P Senior University Teacher
Kinoshita, Dr H Materials Chemistry and Geochemistry
Leyland, Dr A Surface Engineering
MacNeil, Professor S Cell and Tissue Engineering
Möbus, Dr G Electron Microscopy and Materials Science
Morley, Dr N A Material Physics
Palmiere, Professor E J Metallurgy
Provis, Professor J Cement Materials Science & Engineering
Rainforth, Professor W M Materials Science and Engineering
Reaney, Professor I M Ceramics
Reeves-McLaren, Dr N Research and Teaching Fellow
Rehman, Dr I Biomedical Material
Reilly, Dr G Tissue Engineering
Rodenburg, Dr C Materials Science and Engineering
Sinclair, Professor D C Materials Chemistry
Stennett, Dr M C University Teaching Associate in Nuclear Materials Chemistry
Thackray, Dr R P Lecturer in Steelmaking
Todd, Professor I Metallurgy
Travis, Dr K P Computational Materials Science
Tsakiropoulos, Professor P Professor of Metallurgy and POSCO Chair in Iron and Steel Technology
West, Professor A R Electroceramics and Solid State Chemistry
Wynne, Professor B P Metallurgy
Zeng, Dr X Polymers
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