Dr Nicola GreenDr Nicola Green

Research Fellow in Materials Science and Engineering
PhD Biochemistry (University of Kent)

Tel: 0114 2223932
Email: n.h.green@sheffield.ac.uk
Address: Kroto Research Institute, North Campus, University of Sheffield, Broad Lane, Sheffield S3 7HQ

Nicola is a Research Fellow in Materials Science and Engineering. She joined the department in 2006 as a postdoctoral researcher, working with Prof Sheila MacNeil on the development of a tissue engineered model of the human oesophageal mucosa. She obtained her first degree from the University of Nottingham and her PhD from the University of Kent. She has worked as a Research Fellow at the University of Nottingham, in the Laboratory of Biophysics and Surface Analysis, and as a Senior Scientist in a Nottingham University spin-off company. Since 2010 she has also been in charge of the Kroto Imaging Facility.

Nicola’s interdisciplinary research focuses on tissue engineering of soft tissues, with particular emphasis upon the oeosphagus, for both translation to the clinic and as more biologically-relevant experimental models for use in the laboratory. She also has interests in developing novel imaging methods and applying established imaging techniques to the field of tissue engineering, for improved characterization of cell growth and behaviour in 3D cultures throughout the culture period. Current research projects include the use of novel DNA probes for imaging cells and the use of second harmonic generation imaging collagen formation in tissue engineered constructs.

Further Information

Key Projects
  • Developing and using a tissue engineered oesophageal model for the study of Barrett’s Oesophagus and oesophageal adenocarcinoma
  • Development of an oesophageal replacement for clinical use
  • Imaging of biomaterials and tissue engineered constructs
Group Members


Caroline Glover
Marwah A Alsharif

Research Interests
  • Oeosphageal cancer/ Barrett’s Oeosphagus
  • Tissue Engineering
  • Bioimaging
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