Dr Eric PalmiereProfessor Eric J Palmiere

Professor of Metallurgy and Thermomechanical Processing

Telephone: +44 (0) 114 222 5978
Fax: +44 (0) 114 222 5943
Email: e.j.palmiere@sheffield.ac.uk

Address: Department of Materials Science and Engineering, Sir Robert Hadfield Building, Mappin Street, Sheffield, S1 3JD

Eric Palmiere joined the Department in June 1997 from the University of Pittsburgh, USA, where he was an Assistant Professor from 1993-97. He is the Director of the Thermomechanical Processing Laboratory and the Course Director for Advanced Metallurgy (MMet) and Aerospace Materials (MSc) Postgraduate Courses

Research interests

His research involves the microstructural evolution (utilising experimental techniques together with modelling techniques), and the subsequent development of mechanical properties, during the thermomechanical processing of both ferrous and nonferrous alloys. In his research, a wide range of mechanical tests are employed, including laboratory simulations of industrial metalworking processes (e.g., rolling, forging, extrusion etc.).

Additionally, this research relies upon the quantitative characterisation of microstructure using a number of different techniques including light, scanning and transmission electron microscopy. This work has led to empirical relationships between deformation processing parameters (e.g., temperature, strain, strain rate and interpass delay time) and the resultant microstructure for a given alloy composition. Although a number of alloy systems including aluminium alloys, metal matrix composites (MMCs), titanium aluminides and permanent magnetic materials have been studied, the focus is primarily on ferrous alloys such as stainless, microalloyed steels and associated model alloy steels.

His work on the thermodynamic behaviour of NbC, and of its subsequent precipitation behaviour in microalloyed austenite has been recognised internationally, with the award of the Charles Hatchett Prize from the Institute of Materials (1995). He is particularly interested in developing a basic understanding between those softening (i.e., recovery, recrystallisation) and strengthening (i.e., solid solution, precipitation) mechanisms which occur either in austenite or in ferrite.

Key projects
  • Characterisation and modelling of strain-induced precipitation in steels
  • Development of constitutive behaviour during moderate strain rate testing of steels at hot and warm working temperatures
  • Influence of processing parameters and strain path on the microstructural evolution of pipeline steels X70 and X100
  • Assessment and characterisation of friction effects during multipass hot deformation
  • Deformation induced ferrite transformation leading to ultra-fine ferrite microstructures
  • Influence of processing parameters on microstructure during friction stir welding of HSLA steels
  • Development of hot band microstructures in dual phase steels
  • Modelling the nucleation, growth and coarsening kinetics of ″ during the heat treatment of Ni-based alloys
  • Microstructural evolution during the thermomechanical processing of Ni-based alloys
Professional activities and recognition
  • Member, Board of Review for the journal Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A
  • Guest Editor, Special Issue on Microalloyed Steels, Materials Science and Technology
  • Member, IOM3 Bulk Metalforming Committee
  • Member, International Advisory Board, Intl. Conf. Series Recrystallisation and Grain Growth
  • Member, Executive Committee for Intl. Conf. Series THERMEC
  • Member, Scientific Advisory Committee, Intl. Conf. Series Thermomechanical Processing of Steels
  • Advisory Board, Australian Research Council
Research group
  • S. Cater (PhD Student)
  • M. Kirkham (PhD Student)
  • M.M. Mangas (EngD Student, British Steel)
  • C.A. Martin (PhD Student, joint with Prof. M.G. Burke, Manchester University)
  • E.P. Martinez (PhD Student)
  • I.J. Moore (PhD Student, joint with Prof. M.G. Burke, Manchester University)
  • B. Rakshe (PhD Student)
  • L.F. Romano Acosta (PhD Student)
  • J.I. Taylor (EngD Student, British Steel)
  • K. Muszka (Research Associate)
  • Dean Haylock (Technician, Thermomechanical Processing Laboratory)
Selected recent publications
  • Modelling the Nucleation, Growth and Coarsening Kinetics of ” (D022) Precipitates in Alloy 625, I.J. Moore, M.G. Burke and E.J. Palmiere, Acta Materialia, 119, 157-166 (2016). Read more
  • Thermomechanical Processing Route to Achieve Ultrafine Grains in Low Carbon Microalloyed Steels, P. Gong, E.J. Palmiere and W.M. Rainforth, Acta Materialia, 119, 43-54 (2016). Read more
  • Dissolution and Precipitation Behaviour in Steels Microalloyed with Niobium During Thermomechanical Processing, P. Gong, E.J. Palmiere and W.M. Rainforth, Acta Materialia, 97, 392-403 (2015). Read more
  • Effect of strain path on dynamic strain-induced transformation in a microalloyed steel, L. Sun, K. Muszka, B.P. Wynne and E.J. Palmiere, Acta Materialia, 66, 132-149 (2014). Read more
  • Influence of strain history and cooling rate on the austenite decomposition behavior and phase transformation products in a microalloyed steel, L. Sun, K. Muszka, B.P. Wynne and E.J. Palmiere, Metallurgical and Materials Transactions A, 45, 3619-3630 (2014). Read more
  • Influence of high temperature deformation and double tempering on the microstructure of a H21 tool steel, M. Nurbanasari, P. Tsakiropoulos and E.J. Palmiere, Materials Science and Engineering A, 570, 92-101 (2013). Read more
  • On the interaction between strain path reversal and dynamic recrystallisation in 316L stainless steel studied by hot torsion, L. Sun, K. Muszka, B.P. Wynne and E.J. Palmiere, Materials Science and Engineering A, 568, 160-170 (2013). Read more
  • The effect of strain path reversal on high-angle boundary formation by grain subdivision in a model austenitic steel, L. Sun, K. Muszka, B.P. Wynne and E.J. Palmiere, Scripta Materialia, 64, 280-283 (2011). Read more
  • Mapping microstructure inhomogeneity using electron backscatter diffraction in 316L stainless steel subjected to hot plane strain compression tests, L. Sun, M.J. Thomas, B.P. Wynne, K.P. Mingard and B. Roebuck, Materials Science and Technology, 26, 1477-1486 (2010). Read more
  • Strain-induced precipitation of Nb(CN) in austenite: model and microstructural validation, V. Nagarajan, C.M. Sellars and E.J. Palmiere, Materials Science and Technology, 25, 1168-1174 (2009). Read more