Visiting staff

Name Institution Research area
Abbasi, Prof E Azad University, Tehran, Iran Processing of steels and subsequent characterisation
Aris, Dr Q Marmara Univeristy, Turkey Magnetocaloric ribbons for refrigeration
Audronis, Dr M Self employed SoA magnetron sputter PVD coating systems
Bankhead, Dr M  National Nuclear Laboratory Nuclear related modelling
Birru, Mr B National Institute of Technology, Warangall Visiting researcher
Dapor, Dr M Fondazione Bruno Kessler (FBK), Trento, Italy Visiting student
Dong, Dr X Xiaman University Nanoscale magnetic materials
Franklin, Prof S Philips Electronics, Netherlands Visiting Professor to Leonardo Centre
Ghasemifard, Dr M Shahid Beheshti University, Tehran Visiting researcher
Heath, Mr P  GeoRoc Ltd Investigation of the scale up of waste immobilisation techniques
Hull, Dr S ISIS Facility, Science and Technology Facilities Council ISIS neutron scattering facility
Iqbal, Dr Y  Higher Education Commissions, Pakistan Electro ceramics compositions
Jackson, Professor K Medilink Visiting Professor
Jacuinde, Prof A Universidad Michoacan d San Nicolas de Hidalgo, Mexico Ni base super alloys
Johns, Mr D GKN Aerospace Collaborative research with department on a wide range of metallurgical topics
Khan, Dr A COMSATS, Institute of Information Technology Nerve tissue engineering
Kwak, Dr H Seoul National Univeristy Studies on the rheological properties of the sericin during the process of spinning silk fibers
Lee, Dr T POSTECH, Pohang University of Science and Technology Radioactive waste management
Luo, Mr W State Key Laboratory & Polymer Materials and Engineering of Sichuan University Development of stretchable and electrically conductive thermoplastic elastomer-graphene nanocomposites for medical devices
Mackenzie, Dr R Self-employed Archaeometallurgist Carry out research on archaeological metals and associated production residues
Mangir, Dr N Bismil State Hospital, Diyarbakir, Turkey Materials for repair of the pelvic floor
McCaughey, Dr C European Space Agency The Investigation of alloys discovered in the accelerated metallurgy project for scale up
McCloy, Prof J Washington State University Glass-Ceramic Wasteforms for High Level Wastes from Advanced nuclear Fuel Reprocessing
Mittar, Dr S Self-employed
Ojovan, Dr M International Atomic Energy Agency Immobilisation Science Laboratory related research projects
Ouvrard, Miss M SIGMA Clermont Conducting a research project on preparing novel lithium-ion bottery materials via a new biotemplating route
Pang, Dr L  International Metallurgy Ltd Ultra-low temperature firing microwave dielectric ceramics
Pogorielov, Prof M Sumy State University Visiting professor
Quintana-nedelcos, Dr A Marmara Univeristy, Turkey Magnetocaloric ribbons for refrigeration
Shah, Dr J Nuclear Recycle Group, Bhabha Atomic Research Centre, India Visiting academic
Sharif, Dr F COMSATS, Institute of Information Technology Nerve tissue engineering
Simsek, Mr A Haseki Training and Research Hospital Developing materials for pelvic floor repair and urinary stress incontinence
Sroka, Mr J AGH - The University of Science and Technology Heat treatment of large forgings/castings
Sterianou, Dr I  Sheffield Hallam University Functional materials
Talamantes-Silva, Prof J   Managing Director, Sheffield Forgemasters RD26 Ltd Visiting Professor
Tamer, Dr Y Yalova University Design and develop biocompatible and biodegradable polymer nanocomposite hydrogels
Tudor, Mr D University of Liverpool Modelling chloride ingress into reinforced concrete
Tufail, Dr A COMSATS, Institute of Information Technology Nerve tissue engineering
Tynan, Prof M  Nuclear AMRC To support development of nuclear research, training and education strategy
Velasco, Mr M National Autonomous University of Mexico To undertake a short research project on the mechanical properties of additively manufactured lattices under the supervision of Dr Russell Goodall
Wei, Miss Z College of Textile, Donghua University Hybrid aliphatic aromatic copolyesters
Yar, Dr M COMSATS, Institute of Information Technology Nerve tissue engineering
Zhou, Dr D Xi'an Jiaotong University Low temperature co-fired ceramics technology