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On this page you can find out how to do things like change modules, apply for special circumstances and submit your work. The best source of information during your degree will usually be your student handbook. These contain most of the rules, guidelines and information you might need to know at various different points of the year, including:

  • which modules you can take with each degree course
  • how grade boundaries and final degree classifications are calculated
  • where to go in the department for support, be it with academic or personal issues
  • detailed links to other resources on the main university website

Student handbooks

The handbooks are available both as PDFs which you can either view online or download to consult regularly.

If you have any questions, contact the departmental office, which is open 9.30am-4.30pm, Monday to Friday:

  • Room: F10, Hicks Building
  • Email:,
  • Telephone: 0114 222 3752 / 3808 / 3762

Other information that you might find useful is available through the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD)

Student Services Information Desk

Submitting coursework

For some modules, coursework should be handed in at the dropbox outside F10, where it can also be collected once it is marked. Coursework must have a completed cover sheet attached, and you can download them below:

Print out the cover sheet and attach it to the front of your work. Cover sheets are available a week before the submission date and work can be submitted at any time that the Hicks Building is open. Cover sheets are specific to individual pieces of work and individual students: if you get a friend to print out a cover sheet your marks may not be credited to you.

Course work for some modules is collected and returned in tutorials or lectures, in which case the information above does not apply.

Making changes

There is an online system for changing modules but in some situations you might need to fill in a paper form instead. Details are given on the SSiD webpages below. Forms are also available if you want to change degree programme, take a leave of absence or change your status in another way.

You will need to get your form signed by your programme leader before dropping it off at the departmental office (F10, Hicks Building). For general BSc/MMath students, your programme leader is the senior tutor, or the level one tutor if you are in your first year. All other programme leaders can be found on the link below.

Special circumstances

If you have circumstances (eg, illness or absence) which you think will affect your exams or assessments, you should complete either a Student Self-Certification Form or the Extenuating Circumstances Form to notify us. Form can be collected from the departmental office (F10, Hicks Building) or downloaded from the SSiD webpages:

These forms do not generally need a staff signature and should be handed into the departmental office once they have been completed.