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Course admin

On this page you can find out how to do things like change modules, apply for special circumstances and submit your work. The best source of information during your degree will usually be your student handbook. These contain most of the rules, guidelines and information you might need to know at various different points of the year, including:

  • which modules you can take with each degree course
  • how grade boundaries and final degree classifications are calculated
  • where to go in the department for support, be it with academic or personal issues
  • detailed links to other resources on the main university website

Student handbooks

The handbooks are available both as PDFs which you can either view online or download to consult regularly.

If you have any questions, please email the support team:

Other information that you might find useful is available through the Student Services Information Desk (SSiD)

Student Services Information Desk

Submitting coursework

Because of current safety precautions, coursework should not be submitted to the departmental office. Coursework will mostly be submitted through Blackboard this academic year. You will need to follow instructions from your module leader to ensure you submit coursework correctly. You can find support in using blackboard on the link below. Your module leader will also advise about receiving marks and feedback either through blackboard or other methods.

Blackboard support

Making changes

There is an online system for changing modules. Details are given on the SSiD webpages below. Forms are also available if you want to change degree programme, take a leave of absence or change your status in another way.

You will need to get your form approved by your programme leader before sending to Flora Dyson ( For general BSc/MMath students, your programme leader is the senior tutor, or the level one tutor if you are in your first year. All other programme leaders can be found on the link below.

Special circumstances

f you are going to be absent from teaching (eg, due to illness) please contact

If you are self-isolating due to coronavirus symptoms or because you have been in contact with someone with coronavirus, please complete the Google Form: 

If you have extenuating circumstances that you believe need to be taken into account for then please refer to the information on this webpage:

If you have any questions about any of this then please contact for advice.