Graduate Certificate in Statistics modules

On this page you can find out about the modules on our Graduate Certificate in Statistics course.

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Graduate Certificate in Statistics

Mathematical Methods for Statistics (20 credits)

Module leader: Dr Julia Rees

The module introduces the mathematical concepts and methods needed for such a masters course and gives training in their use. It covers ideas and techniques from real analysis and linear algebra, including multiple integration and differentiation and matrix algebra and the theory of quadratic forms.

Probability and Probability Distributions (20 credits)

Module leader: Dr Mark Yarrow

The module introduces the concepts of probability theory and distribution theory needed for such a masters course, and gives training in their use. It covers the laws of probability and of conditional probability, the concepts of random variables and random vectors and their distributions, and the methodology for calculating with them. It also discusses Laws of Large Numbers and Central Limit phenomena.

Basic Statistics (20 credits)

Module leader: Dr Sammy Rashid

The module introduces the basic concepts of statistical inference and of rational decision-making under uncertainty, and it demonstrates how they may be applied in a wide range of practical circumstances. Implementation of the methodology with appropriate software forms an integral part of the unit.

The content of our courses is reviewed annually to make sure it is up-to-date and relevant. Individual modules are occasionally updated or withdrawn. This is in response to discoveries through our world-leading research, funding changes, professional accreditation requirements, student or employer feedback, outcomes of reviews, and variations in staff or student numbers. In the event of any change we'll consult and inform students in good time and take reasonable steps to minimise disruption.

Information last updated: 15 March 2021

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