This course is to support students doing A2 Mathematics from local schools. It aims:

  • to aid student understanding by establishing connections between topic areas;
  • to exhibit solution methods for A2 mathematics examination problems;
  • to respond to students' individual questions about mathematical concepts.

It will be led by Dr Noel Robertson. For more inquiries, or to request a place, email James Cranch.


All sessions take place in room A87 of the Richard Roberts building (see campus map for directions), and will run from 16:30 until 18:00 on a Tuesday:

Subject Date
Domains and ranges; composite functions; inverse functions; y = ex.
7th February 2017
Reciprocal trigonometric ratios; trigonometric identities; inverse trigonometric functions.
14th February 2017
Chain rule; differentiating y = ln x; differentiating trigonometric functions; differentiating inverse trigonometric functions.
28th February 2017
More differentiation
Product rule; quotient rule.
7th March 2017
cancelled 14th March 2017
C3 or C4 topics (TBA) 21st March 2017
Vectors 28th March 2017
Implicit and Parametric Differentiation
4th April 2017
Integration of exponential, algebraic and trigonometric functions
25th April 2017
C4 topics (as requested) 2nd May 2017