Frequently Asked Questions

Graduate Certificate in Statistics

Can I register for the Graduate Certificate if I will also be completing another university degree course at the same time?
No. You are only allowed to be registered for one degree course at any one time.

Is there a residential or full-time version of the Graduate Certificate?
No. We only offer a part-time distance-learning version of the course.

Are Switzerland, Norway or Iceland classed as EU for fees purposes?
Generally no although there may be some exceptions. Email Cheryl Ashcroft for further advice:

Do I qualify for the EU rate of fees?
The answer to this is complex and you should email cheryl Ashcroft to discuss this:

Will I be able to defer my offer of a place on the Graduate Certificate until next year?
Yes but only for one year. If you have already defered for one year you cannot do so again. You will need to make a new application with updated CV and references at least one of which should cover the past two or more years.

I have a third class mathematics degree with a substantial statistics component. If I pass the Graduate Certificate will I be able to progress onto one of the the MSc courses?
University of Sheffield requirements are that to enter a Masters degree people must have at least a second class honours degree. A good pass in the Certificate is not automatically a substitute for that. The position might be different if there are other factors such as strong support from academic referees who can comment on your original degree and/or extensive relevant post graduation experience in employment. These are things that can only be judged after seeing a full application.

I don't have A Level mathematics or equivalent. Can I still take the Graduate Certificate?
Usually we expect A Level mathematics and preferably a little beyond especially if you are planning on progressing onto one of the MSc courses. We expect people to have met basic differentiation and integration and to know how to multiply matrices together and evaluate simple matrix determinants. Unless you are going to put in full-time hours into the Graduate Certificate we would recommend taking A-level Mathematics first.

If possible, come to one of our open days where you will have the opportunity to talk with current MSc students and possibly students who have successfully completed the Graduate Certificate.

I graduated many years ago so am not sure how to get an academic reference.
With many universities it is possible to list the current Head of Department or Registrar as referee and ask them for a formal academic reference to be sent to us (preferably with the course and date of graduation). We have had references via this route even for people who graduated thirty years earlier. You should check with your university.