Abdulaziz Alenazi

Abdulaziz AlenaziCourse: Graduate Certificate in Statistics

"I graduated with a bachelor's degree in Mathematics. I was interested in doing the MSc in Statistics. However, when I had decided to do the MSc in statistics, I consulted some statisticians about the Graduate Certificate in statistics and most of them highly recommended me to apply for it.

"Following the Graduate Certificate I achieved an MSc in statistics at the University of Leeds in 2012 and I will do a PhD in genetic statistics at university of Sheffield in september 2013.

"Regarding the Graduate Certificate in Statistics, it is well designed with most of the concepts for the MSc in statistics covered in this course. Moreover, it enables students to interact and help each other via the discussion board. Also, the tutors were co-operative and made the course very exciting and motivating.

"The Graduate Certificate in Statistics is the ideal method to achieve an MSc in Statistics without facing any obstacles. Therefore, I would highly recommend taking this course at the University of Sheffield."