Dr Mark Strong

Course: Graduate Certificate in Statistics

"My background is public health medicine. During a research attachment I became interested in statistics, and I wanted to develop my skills by taking the MSc in Statistics here at Sheffield. Having only an A level in maths I could not go straight onto the MSc course, and therefore I took the Graduate Certificate as a stepping stone to the MSc.

"The Graduate Certificate course takes students from roughly A level standard up to the level needed to start the MSc. What is particularly good about the course is that it is focussed on the knowledge and skills needed for the MSc, so when I started the MSc I felt very well prepared indeed.

"The Graduate Certificate course tutors were extremely helpful and responded quickly to any questions or concerns, but what I valued most was the interaction with the other students via the on-line discussion groups. By helping each other solve problems we enhanced our own learning greatly.

"Since taking the Graduate Certificate and MSc I have completed a PhD and now hold a senior academic position. I would strongly recommend both the Graduate Certificate and the MSc in Statistics here at Sheffield. Statistical skills are in short supply and the Sheffield MSc provides a great foundation for a career in statistics."

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