Dr Laura Sutton

Course: Graduate Certificate in Statistics

Laura Sutton completed the Graduate Certificate and progressed on to the MSc in Statistics with Medical Applications as a full-time residential student.

"I developed an interest in statistics whilst studying for a PhD in physiology and, upon completion, decided to retrain as a medical statistician. I chose the Graduate Certificate at Sheffield as it was designed specifically for graduate students without a degree in mathematics/statistics and it allowed me to prepare for the MSc course whilst working full-time.

"The Graduate Certificate provided a smooth transition to MSc and I have made frequent use of skills acquired during the course. I found the MSc course to be comprehensive, challenging and very interesting, and it has allowed me to pursue a career in biostatistics.

"I would strongly recommend any of the statistics courses at Sheffield. They are well organised, the material is highly relevant, and the continuous assessment and high standard of teaching encourage learning and engagement with the course."