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The story of mathematics leads from the clay tablets of the Babylonians to the beauty and intricacy of today's numerical models and theorems, and the advanced calculations needed to analyse medical data and keep satellites in orbit. Join us and you'll play a part in this incredible story. You can study this rewarding subject at one of Britain's top universities, earning a degree that can open the door to even greater things.

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Mathematics is the basis of many subjects: engineering, economics, finance, biology, software design, social planning, medicine, archaeology and many more. Our degrees equip you with the tools to contribute to many fields, or make new discoveries in maths itself.

We aim to offer choice. First you'll get comprehensive training in the core parts of mathematics that every mathematician needs to get to grips with. Then, as your degree progresses, our flexible degree structure will allow you to pursue your areas of interest.

You can choose from many options, or specialise in pure mathematics, applied mathematics, or probability and statistics. Our range of degrees offers unique opportunities to focus on finance, business or management, spend a year overseas, or combine your study of mathematics with subjects such as computer science and philosophy. 

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Study at Sheffield and you can make your mark on the world in many different ways. Mathematics can form the basis for a huge variety of careers, and if you love the subject you could go on to further study, research and academia.

But you can put your mathematical skills to use in lots of ways outside your studies. Medical statisticians play a crucial role in the fight against diseases. Analysing satellite data gives us deeper insights into climate change. Data encryption makes the internet a safer place (and we run a third-year module all about this).

Whether it's pure maths or applied maths, or both that you've got a passion for, a good degree from Sheffield can help you go all the way in your career, wherever it takes you. Employers love the all-round knowledge and confidence of our graduates, as well as their expertise in the subject and fantastic problem solving skills.

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