Further maths

Further Mathematics A Level, TMUA and STEP

Standard entry requirements

Most undergraduate admissions decisions in the School of Mathematics and Statistics are made on the basis of (predicted) A Level grades, or equivalent. We assume only that students have met and done well in the core modules of A Level Mathematics and so the main component of all of our offers is an A in A Level Mathematics, or equivalent.

We do not require students to have done specific non-core A Level modules and we teach all of mechanics, statistics and decision mathematics assuming no previous knowledge of these subjects.

What about other mathematics and statistics training/experience ?

The more mathematics and statistics that applicants have studied before joining our programmes the better prepared they are. So we encourage applicants to do any or all of the following (aiming to attain the grades indicated):

  • AS Level Further Mathematics, if not doing A Level Further Mathematics – A or above
  • A Level Further Mathematics – B or above
  • Test of Mathematics for University Admissions (TMUA) – 5 or above
  • STEP – 3 or above

Taking these is not compulsory. However, attaining the grades indicated may result in a reduced offer relative to those shown on our main entry requirements page:

Entry requirements