Dual courses

Dual courses

These specialist courses are either based in other University of Sheffield departments, or include many modules taught by them.

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Accounting and Financial
Management and Mathematics – BA

UCAS code: NG41

Study key mathematical principles, and how to apply them in an accounting or finance career.

Business Management
and Mathematics – BA

UCAS code: NG21

Discover how successful businesses operate, and the fundamental mathematics behind their success.

Computer Science and/with Mathematics
– BSc, MComp and Year in Industry (2018 entry only)

UCAS codes: GG41 / G4G1 / GG42 / G4G2

Graduate with in-depth knowledge of computer technologies, and the mathematics that will make new advances in computing possible. Apply yourself to real-world problems with a Year in Industry.

Economics and Mathematics – BSc

via Department of Economics

UCAS code: LG11

Get a solid grounding in modern economic theory and analysis, and the mathematics underpinning them.

Financial Mathematics – BSc

UCAS code: GN13

Gain specialist knowledge of the tools and practices of the finance industry, and the mathematics they're based on.

Mathematics and Philosophy – BSc

UCAS code: VG51

Learn advanced mathematics skills as you train yourself to approach abstract problems in a reasoned, logical way.

Combined Honours – Triple   via Faculty of Arts and Humanities

UCAS code: Y001

The Combined Honours undergraduate degree programme run by the Faculty of Arts and Humanities allows you to study mathematics alongside two other subjects. Options range from archaeology, music and sociology, to English literature and a variety of foreign languages.