All of our courses will teach you fundamental principles behind much of mathematics and statistics. We have options if you want to study abroad, develop your foreign language skills or gain specialist and applied knowledge through one of our dual degrees.

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We have a range of options for students who want to study mathematics and statistics. There are three-year (BSc) and four-year (MMath) versions of our straight Mathematics degree.

If you'd like to travel as part of your degree, we work with universities across Europe, as well as top institutions in the USA and Australia, to offer our Study in Europe and Year Abroad options. This gives you the chance to spend a year of your course studying overseas.

You may also wish to study a language alongside maths. We work with the University of Sheffield's Modern Languages Teaching Centre to provide these degrees with French, German and Spanish. These degrees also include a year studying in a country that speaks your chosen language.

Our Mathematics and Statistics degrees are ideal if you want to specialise in statistics, while still learning the essential pure and applied mathematical principles that every mathematician needs. The course is available as a three-year BSc or a four-year MMath.

Modern Languages Teaching Centre

Our close links with other departments in the University of Sheffield gives you the opportunity to do one of our dual degrees. You'll spend half your time studying maths, and the rest studying a related subject, to broaden your knowledge base and give you a unique combination of skills. You can find out more about the departments we work with by visiting their webpages.

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