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Mathematicians at the University of Sheffield work on a wide range of topics, from the most abstract mathematical research, to using mathematical models to solve real world problems. This is reflected in the huge variety of mathematics you can learn about during your degree. It’s what you can delve into in your lectures, coursework and independent research projects.

Although our graduates may be motivated by very different goals, they're all logical thinkers, natural problem solvers, and get satisfaction from the same thing: finding the right answer.

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We've been running online events to help you find out about life in our department. Talk to staff. Ask questions about your course. Watch an example undergraduate lecture. Or find out from current students about what makes studying at Sheffield so special. You can watch a recording below.

Session Description
Wednesday 6 May 2020: Maths and Stats at the University of Sheffield
  • Our Head of Department, Professor Nick Monk, gives gives an overview of the University of Sheffield's School of Mathematics and Statistics, and explains what you'll do during one of our maths degrees
  • Megan, a fourth year student, shares her experiences of studying maths at the University of Sheffield with a year in industry
  • Matthew, one of our current students, talks about his course and getting involved with rocketry at university
Tuesday 21 July 2020: Online taster lectures in pure and applied maths
  • A pure maths talk by algebraic geometry researcher Eve Pound and an applied maths talk by mathematical biologist Natasha Ellison, to help incoming undergraduates join some of the dots between the mathematics they've already studied and the modules they will be taking in their first semester

You can also watch short sample lectures by our staff on a range of mathematics topics on YouTube:

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In addition to the department sessions above, we're also running sessions covering more general topics related to studying at Sheffield.

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Meet our inspirational academics

Weighing the world's forests from space

Sheffield mathematician Professor Shaun Quegan has been working with the European Space Agency to build a satellite that will monitor climate change by weighing the Earth's forests.

Using radically new technology, the BIOMASS mission will create 3D maps of the world's forests by measuring the weight of the wood held within them and the height of the trees. Shaun made a crucial contribution to the project by calculating the perfect 'Goldilocks' wavelength for measuring the biomass of trees.

Learn more about the BIOMASS mission

Shaun Quegan

Leonardo da Vinci: Father of fluid mechanics

Leonardo da Vinci was fascinated by the patterns in nature. As our city marked the 500th anniversary of his death with a major exhibition of his drawings, Sheffield mathematician Dr Elena Marensi explained how Leonardo's studies of flowing water made him the father of her discipline, fluid mechanics.

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Nicola Brant

In my placement, I have built on the analytical skills that I have learnt in my degree so far. Skills such as leadership, teamwork, communication and problem solving have been key in my daily role here at the Department for Work and Pensions. I am now a lot more aware of what I am looking for in my career.

Nicola Brant, BSc Mathematics

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Will Oxley

Our students get lots of chances to carry out new research on problems that mathematicians don’t yet know the answers to. One of them, Will Oxley, has just published his second paper in an academic journal, based on the research he's carried out during his degree.

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Our annual SoMaS Challenge is run by lecturers in the School of Mathematics and Statistics. It is designed to give students the freedom to work in groups as they explore complex problems, outside the typical structures of lectures and examinations.

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Maths undergraduate Matthew Lennard was part of a University of Sheffield team that broke the UK altitude record for amateur high powered rockets record while participating in the Spaceport America Cup, beating teams from some of the world's top universities.

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Research spotlight: Disease modelling

When a disease like coronavirus emerges, mathematicians play an important role by using mathematical models to calculate and predict the rate of infection. In this short video Dr Alex Best, who teaches our Mathematical Modelling of Natural Systems module, uses the example of measles to explain how it works.

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We're based in the Hicks Building, where you'll have most of your lectures, tutorials and computer workshops. There are also meeting rooms where you can collaborate with other students on group work, and a common room for maths students.

The building is right next to the Students' Union and down the road from the 24/7 library facilities at the Information Commons and The Diamond. You can explore a lot of it on Google Maps.

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