Meet our students

We asked some of our students to tell us about their experiences of studying in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

Kate BradyKate Brady

MMath Mathematics

"I think it's very friendly. I've visited friends at other universities and they aren't as friendly. Everything is very compact and close together. I love the course I'm doing and the opportunities that I've had. I've been to Camp America and done an internship and I just think that if I'd have been anywhere else I wouldn't have done those things."

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Mike CornwellMike Cornwell

BSc Mathematics

"The course in Sheffield, compared to others, you definitely get a lot more choice. You can tailor the course to suit the way you want to do maths. So the modules you do you can choose certain directions to go into, if you have a strength in statistics, or applied maths you can go in that direction. You're not pushed to take modules you don't want to, and you can even take modules from outside of the dept, so it's very flexible."

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