Grace Charalambous

Grace CharalambousDegree: BSc Mathematics with Spanish

Grace took part in the Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme, which allows students to gain course credit for working as student tutors in local schools.

"I first decided to take the Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme module to gain more school experience. I have wanted to be a teacher since a very young age so knew that I would probably enjoy the opportunities that the module would provide.

"The module has given me so much new knowledge of teaching in so many ways. I am more aware of difficulties facing education today and have come across ways to overcome these too.

"A typical day at school first consists of a staff briefing at 8.20am which is where the teachers are informed of upcoming events within school. This is then quickly followed by registration at 8.40am. The students are then usually completing exam papers during the time before classes start at 9.15am.

"My first lesson is with a top set year seven class for an hour. I normally help out the pupils with any problems they may have and occasionally get to go through a set question with them on the board. The second lesson is with a top set year ten class for another hour. Again, I help out with any problems that may arise and generally support the teacher.

"I feel the Undergraduate Ambassadors Scheme has taught me so much. I have learnt that not all pupils are perfectly behaved and eager to learn all the time, that organising a school trip involves a mountainous pile of paper work, and that schools can be tough to work in. However most importantly, the scheme has confirmed to me that I would like to teach in the future.

"In addition to this, through taking part in the UAS, I have learnt how to take a more independent approach in my actions, my time management skills have strengthened and I feel as though my communication skills have also improved through speaking with the pupils about their future aspirations."