Ashis Patel

Ashis PatelDegree: BSc Mathematics with Employment Experience

Ashis took part in the University of Sheffield's Degree with Employment Experience scheme to spend a year of his course working for Lloyds Banking Group.

"During my placement year I was a financial risk analyst for Lloyds Banking Group located in Halifax. I was part of the capital team within the Mortgages Credit Risk division.

"Aside from my job role I was given a lot of opportunities to get involved in a range of activities, including attending a group convention, shadowing various roles around the office and getting involved in fund-raising work with charities.

"The placement year really helped me to develop a range of skills, including team work, organisation, communication and presentation skills. Over the year, I became much more independent.

"My placement year confirmed my belief that this is a career path I am suited for and it has given me a great foundation to build a successful career."

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