Research internships

Sheffield maths students can spend a few weeks over the summer working with staff to solve an unanswered question in mathematics.

A student sits at a table in conversation with Dr Fionntan Roukema

Each year undergraduate maths students can apply to work on a research project during the summer. This might be part of a University of Sheffield scheme such as Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE), but there are also a number of schemes we run here in the School of Mathematics and Statistics.

One of the schemes available to maths students is our Undergraduate Research Internship, which has a focus on students from backgrounds and with identities that are typically underrepresented in mathematical research. These include, but are not limited to women, people with a disability, people who identify as LGBTQ+ and people in BAME communities.

By completing one of these projects, you will be able to get a first taste of what research in pure mathematics, applied mathematics or statistics is like. It's a great experience to include on your CV and your work can even lead to a publication in an academic journal.

In the following stories, you can read about students who had their work published. Below, you can find out what our students have had to say about their projects.

Internship stories

Jai Schrem

Jai Schrem, Mathematics MMath

"I'm really happy I was able to complete a short supervised reading project this summer, because it gave me the chance to broaden and deepen my knowledge of group theory and try some challenging problems. Presenting one of the new concepts I learned was also a great opportunity to practice explaining mathematics to an audience and improve my presentation skills."

Read Jai's research presentation (PDF, 224 KB)

Elisabetta Dixon

Elisabetta Dixon, Mathematics with Study in Europe BSc

"This project was the perfect chance to explore what postgraduate research could be like. We got to explore the fun, independence and frustrations this sort of stuff has to offer, whilst knowing we were in the reassuring hands of friendly supervisors ready to help at any moment. I am so glad I seized the opportunity."

Read Elisabetta's research presentation (PDF, 1.60 MB)

Kacper Mytnik

Kacper Mytnik, Mathematics BSc

"As a person who is into pure maths and who has considered getting into research in the future, this was a very enlightening experience for me personally because I got a taste of what research mathematics is like. Also it was incredibly fun and interesting learning about big concepts like natural transformations and fundamental groups."

Read Kacper's research presentation (PDF, 452 KB)

Louisa McKenna

Louisa McKenna, Mathematics BSc

"It is an excellent insight into what further study would be like. Working hours are flexible and I was able to focus my project on an area of research I am interested in. I really enjoyed myself and learnt a lot from the very best researchers at the University of Sheffield."

Read Louisa's research presentation (PDF, 1.06 MB)

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