Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology

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Name Job title Email address Telephone
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Adams, Dr Nathan Research Associate 22790
Alvey, Dr Elizabeth Lecturer 24239
Anderson, Professor Roger Deputy Head 26212
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Baker, Dr Patrick Senior Lecturer and Director of Studies 22725
Barnes, Dr Rebecca University Teacher 24249
Bergeron, Dr Julien Lecturer in Electron Microscopy 22854
Borrill, Miss Keira Researcher Development Support Officer 24194
Bose, Dr Daniel Research Fellow 22838
Brindley, Dr Amanda Research Project Co-ordinator 22790
Bullough, Professor Per Professor 24245
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Caine, Mr Robert Research Associate 22783
Canniffe, Dr Daniel Research Associate 24240
Cartron, Dr Michael Postdoctoral Research Worker 22826
Casson, Dr Stuart Lecturer 24235
Chaudhuri, Dr Roy Lecturer 22837
Chidgey, Mr Jack Post-doctoral Research Associate 22743
Chittenden, Mrs Dawn Office Manager 24230
Cooper, Miss Emily Administration Assistant 22859
Corrigan, Dr Rebecca Sir Henry Dale Research Fellow 24238
Craven, Dr Jeremy Lecturer 24323
Cronshaw, Dr Janet Teaching Assistant 22822
Crookes, Miss Kirsty Receptionist 24404
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Davison, Dr Paul Postdoctoral Research Worker 22743
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El-Khamisy, Professor Sherif Reader 22791
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Fagan, Dr Robert Research Fellow 24182
Fenton, Dr Andrew Lecturer in Microbial Pathogenesis 22832
Foster, Professor Simon Professor 24411
Fowler, Professor Michael Emeritus Professor 22836
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Galley, Dr Nicola Research Associate 24662
Garwood, Mrs Laura Trainee Student Support Assistant 22722
Gilmour, Dr Daniel Senior Lecturer 24412
Gray, Professor Julie Professor 24407
Green, Professor Jeffrey Professor 24403
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Harris, Mrs Linda Secretary to Chairman of Department 22750
Harrison, Em Prof Pauline Retired 24843
Hettema, Dr Ewald Lecturer 22732
Hitchcock, Dr Andrew Research Associate 22743
Hodgson, Dr Adam Post-graduate Support Officer 24186
Hoiczyk, Dr Egbert Senior Lecturer 22733
Holland, Mrs Anne Laboratory Assistant/Glasswasher 20450
Hornby, Professor David Professor 24232
Hounslow, Mrs Andrea NMR Facility Manager 22719
Hu, Dr Bin Research Fellow 22715
Hunt, Dr Lee Postdoctoral Research Worker 22783
Hunter, Professor Neil Professor 24191
Hwang, Dr Ling Chin Lecturer 22847
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Johnson, Mr Mark Technical Manager 24237
Johnson, Dr Matthew Lecturer 24418
Jones, Dr Emma University Teacher 22764
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Kelly, Professor David Professor 24414
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Liao, Dr Chunyan Research Associate 22836
Lund, Miss Victoria Research Associate 22826
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MacGregor-Chatwin, Dr Craig Post-doctoral Research Associate 22743
Martin, Mrs Elizabeth Research Technician 24240
Mesnage, Dr Stephane Lecturer 24405
Miller, Miss Jennifer Departmental Manager 24105
Mitchell, Dr Philip Lecturer 22821
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Oatley, Dr Peter Research Associate 24662
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Partridge, Dr Lynda Senior Lecturer 24185
Pollitt, Dr Eric Research Associate 22826
Poole, Professor Robert Professor 24447/24841
Porteous-Medley, Mrs Victoria Research Technician 22751
Prajsnar, Mr Tomasz Postdoctoral Research Associate 22826
Price, Mr Martin Electrical/Electronic Technician 24181
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Qian, Dr Pu Postdoctoral Research Worker 22743
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Rafferty, Dr John Senior Lecturer 22809
Raghavendran, Dr Vijayendran Research Associate 22834
Ray, Dr Swagat Research Fellow 22836
Rice, Professor David Professor 24242
Roberts, Mrs Ruth Research Technician 24126
Robinson, Mrs Gina Secretary 22807
Rodgers, Miss Fiona Technician 24325
S Back to the top
Sedelnikova, Dr Svetlana Postdoctoral Research Worker 26188
Sheikh, Dr Qaiser Post-graduate Support Officer 24246
Sloan, Dr Jennifer Research Technician 24244
Sorefan, Dr Karim Lecturer 22720
Soubes, Dr Sandrine Post grad training coordinator 24220
Staniforth, Dr Rosemary Lecturer 22761
Stapleton, Dr Melanie Teaching Manager 20450
Sudbery, Dr Ian Lecturer 22738
Sudbery, Professor Peter Professor 26186
Swainsbury, Dr David Post-doctoral Research Associate 22743
Swift, Mr Dean Glass Washer 24416
Swift, Mrs Glennis Glass Washer 24416
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Thomson, Dr Emma Research Fellow 22845
Turner, Dr Claire Research Fellow 22819
Turner, Mr Robert Research Associate 22826
Turton, Dr David Technician (Teaching) 22835
Tzokov, Dr Svet Post Doc RA 24674
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Viphakone, Dr Nicolas Post-doctoral Research Associate 22479
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Wacnik, Ms Katarzyna Research Associate 22826
Walther, Dr Christa Senior Experimental Officer 22826
Waltho, Professor Jonathan Professor 22717
Webb, Dr Joseph Research Associate 22766
Whyers, Mrs Edwina Secretary 22740
Williamson, Professor Mike Professor 24224
Wilson, Ms Krystyna Secretary 22730
Wilson, Professor Stuart Professor 22849
Wood, Miss Alison Research Assistant 24238
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Zoulias, Dr Nicholas Research Associate 22775


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Name Comments Email address Telephone
Crystallisation Room C11a 22724
Diffractometer Suite C6d 22725
Glasswashing Room E35 24416
Glasswashing Room Perak 22823
Isotope Suite G14 24192
NMR Suite B105/107 22718
Teaching Laboratories Perak 1 20450
General Enquiries Molecular Biology & Biotechnology 22722
MBB Porters Lodge Main Entrance Porters 29260
MBB Seminar and Meeting Rooms G05 22842
MBB Seminar and Meeting Rooms G04 22841
MBB Seminar and Meeting Rooms G03 22840
MBB Seminar and Meeting Rooms G06 22843
MBB Seminar and Meeting Rooms G07 22844
MBB Seminar and Meeting Rooms G2 Seminar Room (48 people) 24417
MBB Seminar and Meeting Rooms F2 Lecture Theatre 22856
MBB Seminar and Meeting Rooms F2a Meeting Room 22856
Sir Hans Krebs Room C103 Social Area 24417