For Current Students

The MBB Student Handbook can be accessed from this link (which would be a useful link to bookmark). It contains details of degree programmes, assessment, timetables, and much more. We recommend that you read it, at least at the start of each year. It is designed to contain the answers to most of your questions, and is updated regularly. You will find it easier to access if you log in to MUSE first.

Detailed information for each module, including timetables, reading lists, and often handouts or lecture recordings, can be found on MOLE, available via MUSE. For a direct link to MOLE without going through MUSE, you can use this link.

Tutorial information for Level 1 is in the MOLE page for MBB165. Tutorial information for Level 2 is in the MOLE page for MBB265. These pages also contain the Personal Development Planning (PDP) files.

To see student feedback on MBB modules, plus staff responses, use this link.

Unrestricted modules available at level 1 are described here. The timetable for these modules is here.

Careers support

Staff-Student Committee

Writing support from Writer in Residence

Achieve more: Breaking boundaries. email to
There is an optional Achieve More in level 2 which consists of a 10-hour online course in weeks 2, 3 and 4 of semester 2, and counts towards HEAR. For more details see this pdf file

Current PhD students

Go to this link, or via the link on the left side.

PhD students: All the information you need should be in the Doctoral Academy Portal

Some useful links:

A link to 'we are tomorrow's scientists', a video made by second year science students at Sheffield, including Ciaran from MBB.