As well as outstanding project specific research training we also provide training in a broad range of transferable skills that are applicable to a wide choice of career paths. We run on-site bespoke career sessions for our students to discuss career development opportunities with a panel of alumni.

The overwhelming majority of our PhD graduates embark upon a scientific career, mostly as post-doctoral scientists in academia, or as research scientists in industry or the healthcare sector. Recent graduates have joined research groups across the world including Australia, Switzerland and USA, as well as leading laboratories throughout the UK. Other graduates are currently taking further degrees in medicine and dentistry, working as clinical scientists in the UK National Health Service, training in patent law, or working in education.

Amir RashidAmir Rashid

Assistant Professor at Department of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, Army Medical College, National University of Sciences and Technology , Islamabad, Pakistan

"The department has a well structured training programme with clearly set milestones so that the students remain on track and their advancement is closely monitored throughout their stay. Although the supervisor is the lynchpin of the instruction, a dedicated training unit worked within the department to ensure that the highest quality of training is imparted to all students."

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johnsonmMatt Johnson

Lecturer in the Department of Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, University of Sheffield

"Undertaking a PhD allowed me to learn new and varied scientific skills in biophysics, biochemistry and plant physiology. The facilities available for my research at Sheffield were second to none and included the use of the £5 million plant growth facility where I could grow the plants I used for my research materials in a range of climates from desert to tropical."

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Adam Hodgsonhodgsona

Course Director, MSc Human and Molecular Genetics, University of Sheffield

"A PhD, time as a clinical cytogeneticist working at the Sheffield Children’s Hospital and a nanotechnology research contract gave me the experience I needed to move my career forward. I now have the privilege of teaching genetics to students in the the very department that ignited my interest for this field."

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