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Funding your PhD

Some of the PhD projects available in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology come with specific funding to cover your tuition fees and living expenses – for example, a project may be funded by a research council or Centre for Doctoral Training. If you successfully apply for one of these projects, and you meet the eligibility requirements, you will be automatically awarded the funding. These projects are in our list of 'fully funded' PhD projects.

If a project does not come with specific funding, and is included in our list of 'self-funded' PhD projects, that does not mean that there is no funding available. Apply for a project you are interested in, and if your application is successful, you may be awarded a scholarship from one of the following sources. Check the eligibility requirements and deadlines below, and if you wish to be considered for one of these scholarships, please tell us in your application form.

It is a good idea to contact the supervisor of any PhD project you want to apply for, before you submit your application, as they may also be able to advise you on other sources of funding. We also accept applications from students who are applying for funding separately, or have funding in place already – please include any details in your application form.

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Faculty of Science Scholarships

Five fully funded PhD scholarships are available to students from the UK and international students.

Deadline: Wednesday 24 January 2018

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Scholarships from the University of Sheffield

Scholarships from the University of Sheffield and external sources are available for new PhD students to help cover tuition fees and living expenses.

Postgraduate research scholarships

The University of Sheffield has lots of information and advice about how to fund your PhD on its webpages for postgraduate students. You can find information about tuition fees, check your fee status and use the University of Sheffield's student funding calculator tool.

Financial information for PhD study