Research projects

Research projects

In third year, you'll complete a research project in an area of molecular bioscience that interests you. You can be based in one of the research groups in our department, at the University of Sheffield Medical School, or in a local hospital, depending on your topic. There are several types of projects to choose from, from an experimental science to computing, teaching, clinical diagnostics or science communication.

Students on our MBiolSci courses will do an advanced research project in their fourth year. This can be based in one of our research laboratories, the University of Sheffield's Medical School, a local hospital or in industry at companies such as AstraZeneca or Unilever

Third year project options

Experimental science: Investigate a scientific problem, using state-of-the-art facilities and working alongside professional scientists

Clinical diagnostics: Learn how to use the analytical software used by clinical diagnostics staff in NHS laboratories to diagnose leukaemia

Molecular systems and computing: Analyse and evaluate complex data to investigate fundamental biological processes, with opportunities to learn computer programming

Science policy: Assess a controversial area of modern science and the policies around it, to examine the relationship between science and society

History of science: Dig through archives and source material to reflect on the important people and events that have shaped science

Public outreach: Organise events to get the wider world engaged with science – students often work in schools to gain teaching experience

Rhiannon Leyden-Preece

I am currently completing my fourth year as an industrial placement student at GSK, gaining a masters qualification whilst learning more about research and development in industry.

Rhiannon Leyden-Preece, 
MBiolSci Molecular Biology


Fourth year project options

– MBiolSci students only

Extended laboratory project 
Laboratory projects are based in one of the research groups in our department, at the University of Sheffield's Medical School, or at local hospital.

Project in industry
These projects are awarded on a competitive basis and are based at pharmaceutical and agrifood companies such as AstraZeneca, GSK, Eli Lilly and Unilever.

Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience

Each year undergraduates can apply to join the Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience scheme. This gives you a bursary to spend around 10 weeks working with one of our department's research groups over the summer break.

You'll be able to get first-hand experience of major research projects and can even lead to your name appearing in an academic journal.

Pauline, pictured, worked with Dr Ling Ching Hwang and was invited to present her work at the British Conference for Undergraduate Research.

Student story: Pauline Vila Creus

Pauline Vila Creus