Global Challenge - Food Security

With an ever growing population, traditional methods of agriculture are no longer sufficient. Crops worldwide are being destroyed by increased drought, reduction of arable land and the spread of plant pathogens. Achieving food security, as defined in the quote below from the World Health Organisation (WHO), is a global challenge which not only affects the developing world, but some parts of the developed world also. 

“Food security will exist when all people at all times have access to sufficient, safe, nutritious food to maintain a healthy and active life."

As an academic community, we can help to address this global challenge by improving crop robustness, yield and resistance to pathogens. This begins with gaining an understanding of the molecular mechanisms behind plant development, environmental signalling, pathogen interaction and photosynthesis.

In our department we have multiple groups working on:

  • Plant development; how do plants grow and how can yields be improved
  • Environmental sensing; how do plants sense and react to environmental conditions
  • Photosynthesis; how can the powerhouse of the cell be enhanced

Plants and Photosynthesis

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Plants and Photosynthesis

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