Global Challenge - Healthy Ageing

As we continue to live longer, disease states related to ageing, such as cancer and dementias (eg Alzheimer's), are becoming more common. An important goal in our society is to ensure everyone is able to live into their later years in good health, without the large increase in risk of developing age-related pathologies as exists currently.

"A better understanding of dementia enables scientists to identify possible targets for treatments in the future and to develop new tools for better, earlier diagnosis."

As academics, understanding the molecular mechanisms behind age-related pathologies can lead to new interventions and cures to ensure healthy ageing for future generations.

In our department we have multiple groups working on:

  • DNA damage repair; how do cells protect themselves against mutation and why do they fail
  • Immunology; how can we keep our immune systems healthy to fight off illness naturally
  • Amyloidosis; what is the molecular mechanism of amyloid polymerisation - the precursor to Alzheimer's

Research themes

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Additional resources

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