Industrial placements for Molecular Biology Biotechnology students

Rhiannon Leyden-Preece

Our undergraduate students have several opportunities to work in industry during their time here. One option is to gain industrial experience for a year between the second and third years of the BSc degree course, to graduate with a degree with employment experience. This type of course is run by a wide range of UK universities. However, we also offer a different (and, in our opinion, better) option - to do the fourth year in industry.

The degree is then a Masters level degree (MBiolSci), and the students often spend 12 months working in industry, which provides the students a better experience. Almost all graduates from these programs go on to do PhDs subsequently. This option is also better for the company, because the students have by then had three years of lectures rather than two, as well as having done a research project in their third year, so the students can be much more productive. Students apply for the places competitively and are very successful in getting places. They usually go to pharmaceutical companies. In the past we have had many students going to GSK and Astra Zeneca, as well as to Pfizer, Eli Lilley and 3M. 

MBiolSci programmes

Degree with employment experience