Emeritus staff


Emeritus Professor Mike Blackburn

E: g.m.blackburn@sheffield.ac.uk

Mechanism of phosphoryl transfer in kinases; providing a new understanding of the evolutionary inevitability of phosphates for their truly universal roles in the chemistry of life.


Emeritus Professor John Guest FRS

E: j.r.guest@sheffield.ac.uk

Gene cloning and molecular genetic analysis of bacterial enzymes, regulatory proteins and multienzyme complexes. Control of gene expression by oxygen and metabolic activities of genetically-manipulated organisms.

harrisonp Emeritus Professor Pauline Harrison

E: p.m.harrison@sheffield.ac.uk

Structure-function relationships in the iron-storage protein, ferritin. Structural and functional relationships among ferritins, di-manganese catalases and other dinuclear metal proteins.


Emeritus Professor Peter Horton FRS

Emeritus Professor of Biochemistry

T: +44 (0) 7714202652
E: p.horton@sheffield.ac.uk

Interdisciplinary approaches to sustainable food security. Understanding photoprotection in plants; increasing crop yield by optimisation of photosynthesis; analysis of agri-food ecosystems


Emeritus Professor Anne Moir

E: a.moir@sheffield.ac.uk

The molecular biology of spore germination in Bacillus subtilis and in the Bacillus cereus family, and the structure and assembly of coats and exosporium. The role of sigma M in the stress-resistance of vegetative cells of B. subtilis.

sudberypEmeritus Professor Peter Sudbery

E: p.sudbery@sheffield.ac.uk

Cellular morphogeneisis in the human pathogen Candida albicans.