AdamsNDr Nathan Adams

Principal Investigator: 
Neil Hunter

T: 0114 222 2790

Personal Websites:


2012: PhD, Chemical Biology, University of Sheffield
2008: MChem, Chemistry, University of Sheffield

Career History:

2014 – present: Lecturer, Science Communication
2012 – present: Postdoctoral Research Associate, University of Sheffield, UK. 
2011 – present: Science presenter and science communication consultant.
2008 – 2009: Research technician for Assoc. Prof. Mark Coster, Eskitis Institute of Molecular and Cellular Therapies

Research Interests

Chlorophyll biosynthesis, magnesium chelatase, AAA+ proteins, biophysical techniques, thermophoresis, single molecule force microscopy, public engagement with research, building science capital, professionalising academic science communication.

Selected Publications:

Nanomechanical and Thermophoretic Analyses of the Nucleotide-Dependent Interactions between the AAA+ Subunits of Magnesium Chelatase (2016) Adams NB, Vasilev C, Brindley AA, Hunter CN, Journal of the American Chemical Society, 2016 138(20):6591-6597

Five glutamic acid residues in the C-terminal domain of the ChlD subunit play a major role in conferring Mg2+ cooperativity upon magnesium chelatase (2015) Brindley AA , Adams NB , Hunter CN , Reid JD Biochemistry 2015, 54(44):6659-6662

The allosteric role of the AAA+ domain of ChlD protein from the magnesium chelatase of synechocystis species PCC 6803 (2013) Adams NB, Reid JD, Journal of Biological Chemistry, 288(40):28727:28732

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